“Life, Liberty and Happiness” are three of the unalienable rights promised to Americans in the Declaration of Independence. Access to quality health care services helps us achieve those goals.
When healthcare is treated as a privilege as opposed to a right, people everywhere suffer. Too many people in the U.S. are still uninsured or underinsured and the majority of bankruptcies in the United States are due to massive medical debt.
For these reasons, I am an advocate of Single Payer Healthcare in the United States. When I am elected to Congress, I will advance bills that promote Single Payer Healthcare for all. Additionally, I will work to provide incentives for students to enter the medical field- especially in the area of mental health—so that we can all benefit from a more robust health care system.

Gun Reform

The epidemic of gun violence is degrading the quality of life for everyone in the United States. We must fix it now. The system by which people obtain guns needs to be improved in order to keep us all safe. Some of the regulations that I will fight for in Congress include: comprehensive background checks, increased standards for training, development of smart gun technology, limitations on magazine size, safe storage and limitations on traveling with firearms.


Teachers across the nation have been voicing their concerns about the state of our school systems. It is time to listen. All schools need to be properly funded and all teachers deserve to be appropriately paid for their hard work.
Investing in America's children is crucial for the health of our society. We therefore need to expand public education to include Pre-K through College.
Here in Connecticut we have some of the strongest and some of the weakest schools located side-by-side. I will protect the quality our strongest schools and fight to bring resources to our weakest.

Reproductive Rights

The first amendment of the Constitution states that Congress shall “make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. It is not the place of Congress to dictate a singular choice for women based on spiritual or religious affiliation. All religions and spiritual practices have different and equally valid viewpoints on the question of life of the unborn and the protection of a mother’s life, and everyone has the right to act accordingly to their own beliefs. For that reason, as your representative, I will defend every woman’s right to control her own body and reproductive decisions.


Humankind was created in the image of God. The diversity of all of the people in this world are a reflection of God’s image. For that reason, any right that is accorded to a heterosexual should and must be accorded to the people in the LGBTQ community. It should not be within Congress’ power to curtail anyone’s rights because of who they love or how they identify.